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Inori_91190 Wallpaper

Inori Wallpaper

Image obtained from the new opening for Guilty Crown, My Dearest.....which totally freakin rocked...

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Comments for Inori Wallpaper
  • Visitor says:2011-11-29 02:03:52

    The week between one GC episode and the next feels like an eternity :(

  • Eclair says:2011-11-29 01:42:23

    Yes I did render it myself, but not to happy with it. =) Glad you both like it.

  • Visitor says:2011-11-28 16:24:37

    Thank youuu this is gorgeous

  • iFaith says:2011-11-28 02:29:15

    That is too sweet! Did you render that yourself?

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