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Vocaloid_86569 Wallpaper

Vocaloid Wallpaper

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Comments for Vocaloid Wallpaper
  • Visitor says:2013-06-14 12:45:14

    hansome len

  • Visitor says:2012-12-23 08:55:40

    so is this a anime? or....?

  • Visitor says:2012-04-14 22:15:09

    Ren/Len/ or rin is what he is knows as, so i don't see anything wrong with Ren.

  • Visitor says:2011-12-17 09:30:20

    no... i think it's true.

  • Alrunas_Ninja says:2011-10-25 14:03:33


  • Executioner says:2011-10-22 20:10:37

    It's Kagamine Len, not Kagamine Ren

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