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Yuno Gasai_90527 Wallpaper

Yuno Gasai Wallpaper
TAG: yunogasai

Render found on: Google Anime: Mirai Nikki Character: Yuno Gasai Just started watching this anime yesterday, caught up...thought it was kinda crazy. But I like it so far. Anyway, people have been asking me to make a wallpaper, so I went ahead and did one.... Anyway, please favorite or comment if you like... Ja ne!

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Comments for Yuno Gasai Wallpaper
  • Visitor says:2011-11-14 07:20:06

    brilliant sparkling good job

  • Visitor says:2011-11-14 04:54:02

    Lol. That picture is perfect. It captures her crazy psycho nutcase personality brilliantly.

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